Landlords and Tenants Portal

We have a unique combination of apartment rental expertises, online payment, and unparalleled customer support. Our method is one of the leading online payment processing for many apartment rentals making sure the exchange is safe and secure.

Nowadays, renters prefer paying online via credit card and debit card with a click of a button. We appreciate our tenants and landlords by making our process simple. The best way to receive payment is online which is why we give our residents the option to do so without complication.

Our portal is user-friendly to make a simple fee structure that helps them pay promptly. At Gavish Property Management, we believe in only one thing; to provide the best customer experience for both parties.

Renters Paying online

Tenants can benefit from the same situation as we give the best online solution to pay rent. Time is of the essence, and we’ll never require you to pay via check unless this is an easier method for you. Our focus is to make payments fast, safe, and secure.

Unlike other property managements in Las Vegas, our attention is on both landlords and tenants. We appreciate them all the same as we provide a service that’s second to none.

At Gavish Property Management, we want you to invest or rent easily. Either way, both party wins when they choose us! If you have any questions regarding payment methods, please don’t hesitate to contact us during business hours. If we’re not available, simply leave a message, and our representatives will be happy to support you!

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