6 Tips for Making an Apartment Appear Bigger

In most big cities, many apartment dwellers find themselves short on living space. And because your living space isn’t going to expand, you might want to consider different ways to make it look larger than it is. We’ve put together a short list of tips for making an apartment look bigger that you can use to expand your visual perception of your personal pad.

How to Make Your Apartment Appear Bigger

1. Simplistic Furniture

Simplistic furniture pieces are an easy way to make a room look larger. You’ll want to search for pieces with long, narrow legs instead of furniture pieces that sit right on the ground. A low-profile piece with sharp edges and thin, contoured legs will make your space feel roomy and chic.

2. Paint the Ceiling

By painting the ceiling with a pattern or accent color, you’ll make the room appear taller, giving you more aesthetic space.

3. Use Lighter Colors

Darker paint colors are great for creating a comfortable and cozy atmosphere, however, darker colors also make an already small space feel like a cave. To make your space look bigger, consider a new, lighter paint job. Neutral colors will make your room feel expansive, and a neutral palette is always ideal for decorating, as well as great for resale value.

4. Pull It In

It sounds counter-productive, but by moving your furniture in towards the center of the room a few inches away from the wall can make your space feel larger. Also, if you have an area rug, make sure to move it accordingly, too.

5. Utilize Storage

Built-in storage is exceptionally more effective than separate storage pieces. Look for pieces of furniture that have multiple uses which incorporate storage such as beds with drawers underneath, and built-in drawers into nightstands, end tables and bookshelves.

6. Furniture that Expands

To make your apartment feel bigger, consider looking for an expandable furniture piece such as a dining table that folds out into a larger one, or coffee tables that turn into desks. Many apartment dwellers have tables that fold into walls, and especially in children’s rooms, beds that hide inside of each other and also incorporate desk and storage space. You can keep these types of pieces contained while not in use, and expand it when you need to.