4 Staging Tips for Rental Properties

The many advantages of a well-staged home cannot be emphasized enough. Homes that are staged sell at a much higher price than homes that are not and the same applies when leasing. Rental home staging can include multiple methods of highlighting the qualities and features of your home. The goal is to attract renters who will pay the highest possible price within a short period of time. To give you the best opportunity to attract the perfect tenant, we’ve put together a few staging tips for rental properties.

Must-Have Staging Tips for Rental Properties

1. Depersonalize your Home

When a potential tenant walks into your home, it should be staged in a way that they can imagine your home as if it’s already theirs. More so now than ever, tenants conduct their rental home searches online and this makes it even more important to remove your personal effects from view before taking your listing photographs. Take down family photos, put away toys, and store any other personal belongings that might give the tenant the impression that the home hasn’t been fully vacated.

2. Clean and Deodorize

Do a thorough deep cleaning of the whole house. The floors, walls, windows, doors, and ceiling all need attention. You may never know how detailed your best renter may be, so pay attention to minor things like the switch panels and doorknobs too. Polish those wooden floors, doors and railings, and shine up the shower wall tiles for a professionally polished look.

3. Your Home’s Selling Points

Do you have a grand staircase, a pristine lawn, or a unique fireplace? Show it off! If you’ve got it, flaunt it! Every home has certain elements that make it stand out ahead of the rest. Whatever ‘it’ is, focus lights on it, making it easily observable. Make a statement now, or you’re less likely to have as many renters trying to get in.

4. Don’t Forget Exterior Spaces

Curb appeal is the first and last thing your potential renter will see and remember. The condition of your rental home’s exterior is the first impression a tenant will have. Many people may not give a second look to the nicest features of a home if the outside is not attractive. Things like shaping your hedges and trimming the lawn, help to ensure a better curb appeal. You should also pressure wash any outdoor paneling, vinyl, walkways, and driveways. Use bright flowers to spruce up your exterior and consider yellow plants because yellow is has the ability to attract and make people feel at ease.

With the staging tips for rental properties mentioned above, rest assured that you will get a great buyer within a short amount of time!