Should You Rent a Studio or a One Bedroom Apartment?

When it comes to single-living, the options are limitless! Whether your apartment shopping for a new living space, a studio or one-bedroom apartment are usually the first two options. A studio is typically one large living space and a bedroom apartment has separate living quarters from the kitchen and living. Both units come with its advantages and disadvantages, so according to your lifestyle and budget, check out if a studio or apartment is best for you!

The Difference Between Renting a Studio or Apartment


A studio is typically one large living space featuring a bathroom and kitchen. Generally, the living room and “bedroom” is shared, but depending on the layout of your apartment, all these features can vary!


Studios are typically cheaper than a one-bedroom apartment. This space makes living more affordable especially if you have a tight budget or hardly ever home. Because the space is much more compact, it can feel very cozy and requires less furniture.


If your lifestyle calls for more storage or additional space in general, you might want to reconsider the studio option. Additionally, studios don’t have much storage space including a traditional closet.

Another disadvantage to think about is company and privacy. If you’re the type that loves having guests over, you have to make sure your space is tidy and your bed is made!

One-Bedroom Apartment

Just like a studio, a one-bedroom has a kitchen, bathroom, and a living room, except the bedroom is its own separate room.


A one-bedroom apartment is definitely ideal for individuals who like their space and privacy. Because the bedroom is its own room, there is definitely room to spread out and more space for guests to enjoy. Furthermore, if your guests are staying a night, you can both have your privacy by staying in separate rooms.


If you have a bigger budget for an apartment, then go for it! They are normally more pricer than studio because you get what you pay for. With a bigger space to manage and clean, be sure you can furnish the place with additional furniture and spend more for utilities.