Get Your Rental Ready For Winter

It’s that time of year again where the temperature drops and the cold winter weather takes its toll on homes from the inside and out. Whether your home is a short-term rental property or a long-term rental property, you have a duty to your tenants to ensure that your property is in tip-top shape. Unless you have a professional property management company like Gavish Property Management caring for your property, you may be called on multiple times throughout the winter. To avoid any expensive repairs, it is important that you get your rental ready for winter.

Change out HVAC Filters

To get your rental ready for winter, you want to make sure that your property is free of any fire hazards. (It won’t hurt to make sure your renter’s insurance is in order, too). One of the most expensive winter repairs that you’ll run into as a landlord is a broken HVAC unit. A home in the winter without heating can become a miserable place to live in quickly so it is important that keep units in great shape. Before the winter, switch out the HVAC filters in your rental property to make sure that they are operating at their full capacity.

Failure to replace HVAC air filters can cause HVAC system malfunctions, equipment damage, reduce airflow, and cause the HVAC equipment to work harder increasing energy usage and the likelihood of damage.

Advise Tenants to Keep the Temperature Up

During the winter it’s important that your tenants know what is their responsibility when it comes to caring for the property. As a landlord, you should be asking and advising your tenants to keep the temperature of the home up enough to prevent damage to pipes and the HVAC unit. In the winter, temperatures can easily drop well below freezing which can cause water pipes to burst from freezing over. Additionally, if a unit gets too cold, the HVAC unit will have to work double-time which can damage the entire heating unit.

Asking your tenants to keep the temperature of the rental property up will ensure that no pipes burst from freezing over or that the HVAC unit doesn’t blow out from having to work double-time.

Check Seals on Windows and Doors

Unsealed windows and doors can cause your electric bill to skyrocket from heat loss. Make sure that you check the seals on windows and doors in all of your rental properties to make sure that they survive the winter.

Insects and rodents also love to come indoors for the winter, so it is important that you identify and seal off any cracks and crevices that lead into your home.

Test Alarms and Detectors

It’s important to inspect and test alarms, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in all of your rental properties, especially ones that may be vacant. A good rule of thumb to follow is changing batteries in alarms and detectors every six months to make sure that they make it through the year without dying.

Gavish Property Management is here to ensure that your rental property is in perfect shape this holiday season. Call us today!