Ways to Decorate:Furnish a Small Apartment

For many people, small space living is a dreamy and economic notion, but for others, it is a reality whether they like it or not. Residing in a tiny apartment has its own benefits and pitfalls, obviously, but it does not need to sacrifice your own personal style.

Create a Bigger Space

You want to create a spot that’s comfortable, cozy, and that reflects your character, therefore we’ve put together several ideas to inspire fresh strategies and creative ways to decorate/furnish a small apartment.

1. White Walls

As a reflector of colors, white has the ability to expand a room. Walls and ceilings decorated in white (with light flooring) can lighten and brighten a living area, plus they disguise the real edges of the room, which makes it feel and look larger.

2. A Little Splash of Color

Where big expanses of dark or bright colors have a tendency to overwhelm a little area, pops of daring, vibrant color in an otherwise neutral or white area add style, character, and vitality. Additionally, the strategic positioning of these splashes of color can help to direct the eyes, giving a “visual tour” of your living space and can make the room look much bigger.

3. Vertical Horizons

Especially in tiny spaces, it is important to constantly go vertical. It is no secret that a little space is modest; the key comes in creating an area that graciously performs virtually every task you need inside a house. Utilizing vertical distance is crucial in attaining this. Floor-to-ceiling shelving and modest window treatments create a sense of luxury and spaciousness without adding square footage.

4. Storage Solutions

Finding storage options are the largest triumph of a little apartment. You might need to approach this unconventionally – drawers beneath the mattress eliminate the demand for a dresser, and removable floorboards are a storage secret that keeps items hidden from plain sight.

Another fantastic idea for integrating storage is to build your furniture, such as a table or couch, into a comfy nook, surrounded by modern shelving. This looks fantastic and incorporates useful storage concepts into your daily living space.

5. Furniture Fit to Scale

An overstuffed couch in a very small flat will cramp the room and make it seem smaller and more crowded than it really is. Choose furniture with caution and balance everything to scale, while still being comfortable.

Opt for smaller couches and chairs versus overstuffed pieces, and veer towards clean, modern lines instead of bulky or grandiose furniture shapes. The fantastic news is, there are a lot of small-space living choices out there nowadays!